Welcome & Wordle ;-)


Welcome to my new blog about social media in the classroom. As a University of Georgia undergraduate student, I was exposed to usage of social media by my professors and fellow classmates. This led me to questions how these tools could be more efficiently and effectively integrated into teaching methods. As a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, I am beginning to experiment with using blogging and hopefully other social media tools within the classroom. I am also learning about social media through my research project, investigating social media usage by county 4-H programs in Tennessee. This semester, I will be learning a great deal about social media usage through my ADVT 490 class, Special Topics: Social Media.

I hope to be able to introduce at least one new tool or website each week. Although it may not be classified as social media, I have recently become fascinated by the word cloud generator, Wordle, and it’s really neat randomized designs. Below you will find a link to the Wordle I created for my graduate program. You can also visit the site to create your own unique word clouds. The website gives you the option to change many elements of the individual design by switching color palates, changing shapes/designs of the cloud, and removing specific words.  Then, you have the option to print your Wordle or publish it publicly. Hope you can check it out!


Wordle: ALEC