This has been a rough couple of days for me and my family. My dad’s older brother passed away from cancer. It was a shock for us all, because he was only diagnosed a few weeks before Thanksgiving. He was a great pillar of my family and will be greatly missed.

I have been very pleasently surprised by how many people who have Tweeted, Texted, Facebook messaged or emailed me and other members of my family to share their love and concern for my family. During my uncle’s illness, I have had a strong support system which has been at least partially facilitated by communication on social media.

People have even donated to my UTK Relay team ( http://bit.ly/fJEWci ) in honor of my uncle! So, if you ever feel the need to use the Twitter hashtag #pray or #pleasepray, know that there are people out there who are praying for you. Maybe even people you don’t know!