Is Foursquare worth the share?


Several months ago, while still at the University of Georgia, I was taking a class on Advertising and Society. One of the things that the class liked to talk about while we were waiting on the teacher to set up her powerpoint was social media. The majority of the students in the class were upperclassmen who were much more tech savvy than I am.

They all seemed to be fascinated with what they thought would be the Next Big Thing in social media – Foursquare. In an attempt to better figure out what they were talking about, I dutifully created my own account on the Foursquare website. If found that, since I didn’t have a Smartphone, the only time I could really update the site was from school or at home. This discouraged any dreams I had of being the Mayor of the local Kroger. ๐Ÿ™‚ In general, it didn’t seem very useful and I just didn’t get it.

In May, I upgraded to an Android powered Smartphone and have become quickly addicted to the many free apps available. My Foursquare app, however, still isn’t my go-to app for geolocation tagging. If I only have a few minutes to log in, I prefer to log in to CauseWorld – an app that allows my check-ins to raise “karmas” that lead to donations to a good cause of my choice.

In addition, very few of my friends use Foursquare (although a few do make check-ins on Facebook). This leads me back to my original question– Is Foursquare really worth taking the time to share my location?

While Foursquare recently surpassed 3 million users, I can’t help but wonder how many of these users are like myself and after months of Foursquare membership have only checked in at a few locations.

If there are any addicted Foursquare users out there, we would love to hear your input!

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