A real “crisis” for The CW or just a fan-girl moment?


Ok, so this is slightly off topic, but I’m sharing anyway.

This week, four popular shows on The CW were supposed to premiere their first episodes since late November or early December. Needless to say, fans were very excited and have been tweeting about this shows for weeks now. The shows were The Vampire Diaries,  Nikita, Smallville and Supernatural.

Late yesterday, the CW announced that they would be bumping the new episodes of Smallville and Supernatural until next week. The fans of these two shows went into an uproar, tweeting such negative remarks as #SaltAndBurnCW, #TheCWSucks, etc.

In place of new episodes, the station will show re-runs of last nights new Vampire Diaries and Nikita shows. Some fans are taking their rage out on these shows (#NikitaSucks, #BoycottTVD, etc), but in reality the shows are being bumped to next week due to major conflicts with local programing in prime viewership areas. (Story Here) Competition with this week’s American Idol episodes was also listed as a concern in premiering all 4 shows this week.

As an active Twitter user himself, The Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder seemed a bit concerned about the threats of boycotting his show:

@iansomerhalder ian somerhalder
Hope someone got around to watching the TVD episode tonight and it didn’t suck. No pun-seriously If you did,thank you Good night world

So, no one but the fans of these shows should care. Right? What difference does it make if a few people get mad and tweet about not liking your show or your network? That is yet to be seen. We will have to wait a while to see if this fan-based outburst on Twitter actually has any effect on The CW. I worry for them, because the fans of these shows are a very vocal bunch. (See there recent fan-voted cover of TV Guide.)

We shall soon see if this becomes a minor crisis for The CW, or if it blows over.  I, for one, will be watching whether or not the network replies to viewer angst as shown on Twitter and in the CW lounge .