Got Glue? No. Then, Get Glue!


One of my favorite new social media apps on my Android smartphone is the Get Glue application. It allows me to check-in to share about TV shows I am watching, games I’m playing with friends, or music I am currently listening to. The app seems to ask “What are you doing” in reference to entertainment media. It will also easily share your update to your Twitter and/or Facebook profile.

I’m not the only one who is using Get Glue either. According to an article on Mashable yesterday, Get Glue is currently seeing about 12 million check-ins and ratings per month!

The Get Glue service is also providing benefits via a new browser add-on that provides “social recommendations across the web”. I will definetely be adding it to my Google Chrome browser!

While it’s 900,000 users don’t seem like a lot compared to the number of daily Facebook users, I believe that this new concept has great promise. Check-ins to favorite TV shows, awards shows, or bands allows users to win stickers showing their accomplishments. Since this reminds me of reward systems used on games such as Farmville (which we all know spread like an epidemic), I feel like the idea will really catch on.

Here’s hoping it does!


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