Top Ten Superbowl Ads for 2011 : According to moi!


When ranking Superbowl advertisements as successes or failures, I feel like a great deal of it comes back to what resonates with people. If you pull at the heartstrings of Americans a little (i.e. Volkswagon Vader ad) or deliver something else they are interested in personally ( Kudos to Sketchers! At least, for the primary demographic watching the show! ), you are very likely to receive a high return on engagement (the ROI of Social Media).

So, without further ado, here are my top 10 and a bit of commentary!

10. A tie for tenth place!

Chevrolet – Chevy Volt/Chevy Camaro

and,  CarMax – Made the list for solidly entertaining commercials throughout!

9. Budweiser- Cute ad, but we expect more from them . . .

8. Kia Optima “One Epic Ride” – I found this ad quite entertaining!

7. Chevrolet “Tommy”

6. House – remake of Mean Joe Green

The original Coke commercial…..

And, the first remake . . .

5. Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” – I was a little confused about why they said “imported”?

4. Best Buy – Who didn’t watch this ad?

3. NFL Fans

2. Bridgestone “Karma”

1. Volkswagon! “The Force” and “Black Beetle”


And then, there were some not-so-great advertisements like the ones below . . .

To check out all 60-something of the Superbowl advertisements, visit .