Forefathers forgotten? a President’s Day post


READER ALERT: This could easily qualify as a Patriotic/Religious rant, so don’t read if you are easily offended!



I logged in to Facebook this morning and found this cutest of status updates by my friend who has two little girls, Lillie (6) and Becca (3).

Happy President’s Day! I printed a picture of our Nation’s 1st president for Lillie to color, Becca is pretty sure his name is George Washingmachine! LOL

After a good laugh, it made me question how many American citizens actually know much more about our forefathers than these two precious little girls. In a time when political correctness seems to take precidence over religious beliefs, personal values or traditional morals for most of our society, I can’t help but wonder at times how these great men would feel if they suddenly time-traveled to America today.

Last week, posted a poll titled, “Should the American Flag Be Banned — in America?“. For the first day or so that the poll was up, an alarming percentage of people actually voted that the thought that the US flag should be banned in America. I’m pretty sure Betsy Ross rolled over in her grave when she heard this. Today, however, I’m happy to report that there80.15% of Americans who are sane enough to think that America should keep her flag.

In similar news, the new gold dollar coins which have recently been placed into circulation are disappointing to many Americans, because they are supposedly an attempt remove the key phrase “In God We Trust” from our money. Hadn’t noticed? Look at the coin, and you will see that the phrase is missing .

Or, is it? According to the United States Treasury Department, the inscription of “In God We Trust” is still on the coin. It just appears in a much less prominent location than it did before.

Prayer has been removed from schools in order to not offend non-Christian citizens, people have attempted to have “One Nation Under God” removed from our Pledge of Allegiance, and now they are considering removing “In God We Trust” from our money. Some people even suggest banning our national flag???? It is time that we, as Americans, stand up and say, “No!You can’t take our American traditions away from us”. While I don’t think that we should intentionally be politically incorrect, I do believe that we have a right to fight for the foundations upon which our country was established.