Is Charlie Sheen really #Winning at Twitter?


While we may not like Charlie Sheen, I believe we would all have to admit to watching Two and a Half Men at least once or twice on a slow day between classes. Recently, rumors of the show ceasing production tilted the spotlight towards actor Charlie Sheen and the bizarreness of his behavior. While Charlies’s “porn star palls insist he’s a good dad“, YouTube users are creating remix’s of his interview craziness which are being shared by fellow celebrities.

After the obvious show of craziness on his part, why do we care about this celebrity and his obvious need for serious rehab? Well, mainly because other people do. There is a redicoulously large following of people who must care what Charlie has to say. He broke a Guinness World Record for Twitter by having the Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers, and has developed a Klout score of 91 in the short time he has been on the site.

Charlie Sheen's Klout

Meanwhile, speculations are rising about whether Charlie Sheen’s purpose for his antics was to create publicity, but many people agree that he intends to use his “influence” to make money.  While some celebrities choose to use their Twitter influence to raise awareness for good causes or influence positive change, Sheen plans to cash in on his influence by using his social media presence as a platform for pitching products. If he does so, I can’t help but wonder if he won’t set another world record for Fastest to LOSE 1 Million Followers. I can’t help but be interested in finding out how all this will play out and how Sheen’s antics will actually affect the future production of Two and a Half Men. I guess we shall see!


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