TOMS One Day Without Shoes: Giving a new meaning to walking a mile in their shoes


When I was a little girl, I used to love spring because my mom would let us run around barefoot in the freshly plowed fields and splash through mud puddles left by early spring rains. I love the feeling of the sand between my toes walking on the beach. Even the sun-baked heat of asphalt in the summer, at least for a little while, gives me a greatly enjoyed sense of freedom.

 For millions of children worldwide, however, being barefoot is not a choice. Across the world, young children die from diseases that could have been prevented by the simple act of wearing shoes. They could have a better education, if only they had shoes to wear to school. They could prevent infections and painful wounds, with even a ragged old pair of shoes. But, these children don’t have shoes. In a world where most women own enough shoes to stock a department store, isn’t it saddening that there are children whose lives are ruined from an early age simply because they don’t have shoes?

There are so many ways that you can help out kids without shoes. You can donate shoes to homeless shelters in your community. You can give old shoes to Goodwill or other organizations. Most importantly, you can provide new shoes for kids through the TOMS One For One program. With every pair of TOMS you buy, TOMS distributes a pair of new shoes to a kid in need somewhere around  the world.

So, this year will you kick off your shoes and join the movement. Are you willing to walk a mile in their shoes? . . .. . To walk a mile barefoot? Even a few hours or a few minutes will help raise awareness! Watch the video below to learn about this year’s worldwide event, then visit to make your pledge and join the movement. Unable to go barefoot tomorrow, sign up and go Virtually #WithoutShoes. Are you a University of Tennessee student at the Knoxville campus? If so, join us for the UTK One Day Without Shoes event hosted by TOMS at UTK. Need some help convincing your friends? Play them some Zac Brown Band (Toes) or Kenny Chesney (No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems), or check out all the support over on the MSN page (as shown below).


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