Angry Birds Head To RIO


What happens when a rainbow of bright colors, some crazy birds, a  popular mobile game and a new blockbuster movie combine? You get a overwhelming promotional campaign that spans all social marketing platforms!

Here is a look at Angry Birds, Rio and Angry Birds Rio:

The Angry Birds mobile game reached a remarkable 42 million downloads in December 2010, and has remained the top grossing mobile game for ???? until it was recently dethroned by Smurfs’ Village. We even saw the results of what would happen if they tried to reach a peace treaty with the evil pigs in a YouTube video that earned 6,424,305 hits since it was uploaded on Nov. 21, 2010. In March, Angry Birds received a $42 million funding boost which will surely only increase the momentum behind this virally poplar game.

The newest version of Angry Birds, Angry BIrds Rio, was first introduced as part of the Super Bowl 2010 commercial for Rio the movie. The mobile game was a huge success, reaching 10 million downloads in just 10 days. The game stars many of the same characters shown in the likability chart below, as well as characters from the Rio movie.

Angry Birds Rio is a combination of Angry Birds and the new film Rio. Rio brought in a decent crowd at the box office, earning just over $10 million on it’s opening day yesterday. Hopes are that the movie will come in just shy of the $38.1 million earned by Rango earlier this year. The $90 million film stars Anne Hathaway, George Lopez and other popular stars in a 3-D animated comedy about the last pair of blue macaws and their fight for survival.

So, why I am I ranting on a bout rainbow colored birds? Sure they raised a good bit of money and are taking mobile gaming by storm, but what connects them to my usual posting about social media and technology? That would be their brave entrance into the world of augmented reality. Rio is changing the way we see cereal box toys with their first ever AR enabled toys to be distributed by Nestle in 26 million cereal boxes in 53 countries . The AR toy is a card which kids can hold up to a standard webcam, which allows them to interact with the Rio character Blu. It looks like a lot of fun and I fully intend to try to buy one so I can experiment with it. 🙂