A Return from my Spring Siesta: Better Late Than Never ;)


For the last few weeks, I haven’t been blogging my regular three times per week. Instead, I have been finishing up final projects and giving finals in the class I teach. Classes wrapped up for me last Wednesday and I took a short siesta, heading home to see family and friends in Georgia. As always, my short trip home was very refreshing and I’m excited about starting in on my summer to do list.

This summer to do list includes catching up on quite a few blog topics that I have wanted to post on for the last month or so, and haven’t had time to do justice to. People who read blogs, but don’t blog themselves, often don’t realize that to blog well takes a great deal of time. While anyone who blogs often can easily generate a list of things to bog about, actually composing the posts takes time and concentration I haven’t been able to dedicate lately.

Now that my summer schedule has started, I will hopefully be able to catch up on a lot of the topics on my “To Blog About” list. These posts may not be as relevant as they were a month ago, but the dynamic nature of social media means that things often recirculate and are relevant repeatedly for various reasons. So, hopefully, you will all gain some benefit from my upcoming belated posts!

On a final note, my goal from here on out is to publish 1-2 posts per week. While I love blogging, the 3 posts per week are no longer required for my social media class. I need to devote most of my time this summer to my thesis! 🙂