America’s Royal Obsession with the Royal Wedding!


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess just like everyone else. My Disney Princess of Choice was always Ariel. I loved that she could sing. Her voice was so beautiful and I found myself annoying my parent’s to death with my Disney Sing-Along cassette tapes of The Little Mermaid. I loved that she was able to get her Prince and embark on a new interesting life. Her story embodied a desire that I believe we all have to learn about what is out there in the world that we don’t have access to. That being said, I wanted to be Ariel . . . I wanted to be a Princess!

However, my childhood was also filled with less happy tales of a real princess–Princess Di. As a child born in 1988, I was too young to remember the happiness and splendor that came with the first televised Royal Wedding and the birth of England’s future king. Instead, I remember the sadder days of scandal and heartache as Princess Diana went down a sad trail from beloved wife, mother and humanitarian to the princess remembered for scandal and heartache and finally becoming only a Candle in  the Wind.

Diana’s tragic death left a great deal of concern about whether new Princess-To-Be Kate Middleton would be able to handle the equally stressful role. But, Queen Elizabeth approved of the match and based on various reports believes that the fact that the couple have dated for several years and that they are older will help Kate become a wonderful candidate to one day fill the Queen’s shoes. So ensued the preparations for the Royal Wedding and what came to be one of the most watched TV airings ever! And, guess who was talking about the wedding? You guessed it! America led the ranks of people Tweeting, blogging and Facebook posting about the Royal Wedding and the variety of interesting characters who did and did not attend.

While the Royal Wedding generated a lot of interest in the UK, it was America where we saw the most media coverage and chatter about the Royal Wedding.  According to the Associated Press, “22.76 million Americans tuned in to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding ceremony in the early morning hours on Friday, April 29” (OnTheRedCarpet). A Nielson study showed that US coverage of the Royal Wedding and stories related to it were much higher than the UK or other countries.

Thanks to our early training from the wonder folks at Disney and the idea of the American Dream, we all grow up thinking that we can be anything we want—even a Princess. For commoner Kate Middleton, this fairytale seems to be coming true and American girls (and guys) couldn’t resist hanging off of every word that was shared about the Royal Wedding. Let’s just hope that this fairy tale has a happening and Kate can join the ranks of fairy tale princesses! 😉