Charity:Water – 1,497 Gallons of Good


The above picture shows my Social Vibe widget which has helped me raise over 4,000 gallons of water for Charity:Water in the past 6 months. This may seem like a small amount of water to you, but it’s a great deal to people in many countries. While it was easy for me to complete the quick surveys and activities offered by Social Vibe to “earn” the water, it is extremely difficult for people in many third world countries to gain access to safe drinking water. I firmly believe that due to the ripple effect a little bit of good can go a long way by helping influence others to do good. So, thanks to all of you who helped me reach 1497 gallons!

What is Social Vibe?

Social Vibe

Social Vibe is a company which creates engagement advertising. You know, those fun ads that you actually want to see sometimes because they engage you with the product. As a part of their business model, Social Vibe has created a social giving program that allows users to participate in advertisements via a widget (like mine above) in order to earn money that is then dedicated to the cause of choice. I chose Charity:Water, but there are many other charities to choose from! More about the social giving program can be found here.  I would strongly advise you to consider adding a Social Vibe widget to your blog to support your favorite charity. Besides, all it costs you is a little blog space! 🙂

Why did I choose Charity: Water?

I believe everyone should have the right to a clean, safe water supply. If you’re not familiar with the water crisis in many countries, you can learn about it by watching the videos below or visiting the Charity:Water website.


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