Stuck Like Glue on GetGlue!



A few months ago in a blog post, I first mentioned a new check-in application called GetGlue. By the time I blogged about it again a bit later, I was becoming obsessed.  Now, I’m a frequent GetGlue user. I find it very cool to be able to share quickly to Facebook and Twitter as well as my friends on GetGlue. I also love that they actually send you your stickers!!! I got my first stickers in the mail this week (see below).



Everyone who’s anyone is talking about the new application or at least some cool people are talking, including PopWatch Inc. , ReadWriteWebAdWeek , Reuters , Forbes , Social Times , Ogilvy Public Relations , ClickZ and many more sites (click links to read stories). They gained a major milestone earlier this year by reaching 1 million registered users!  See their success graphically represented by the GetGlue infographic below!



We can see that this application is beginning to gain a notable following, but what are we expecting from them in the future?  Well, they are beginning to add value and interactivity to their check-ins by working with sponsors to give away concert tickets, pairing with nonprofits, sharing user photos and many other creative tactics. This has greatly helped them to increase user numbers in the past few months, according to their GetGlue blog and the chart below.



We can also see that there is a strong correlation between the highest grossing box office hits and the movies people are checking in to in theaters(see first chart below). Keep in mind that correlation does not imply cause-and-effect; however, it does show that the people who are actively checking in are many of the same people who are avid movie attendees. Based on this data, we can begin to analyze what movies people are enjoying and what movies don’t go over as well as expected as GetGlue begins to analyze the data they gain (see second chart below).



So, as I said months ago, you should GetGlue! . . . If you haven’t already, of course.  😉 If you’re not familiar with the application by now, watch the video review below for more information! Happy Check-ins!