Will Google+ be worth all the hype?


Like many of my tech savvy friends, I have been eagerly awaiting an invitation to sign up for Google+. I did not understand what it was and I already have a plethora of social media accounts. Why then would I be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to join another site? Two reasons rise to the top as causes for my impatience: pure old curiousity and a {possibly} unhealthy addiction to anything Google. I was very excited to receive my invitation today from a good friends of mine named Andrea! {Thanks Andrea!!!} After logging in, however, I wasn’t able to realize at first what was so special about Google+ over any other site. I still have not exactly figured it out, but hope to over the next few weeks. In the meantime, I plan to try to keep up with what other people have to say about the new service and its features. Below is a link to a great story on Mashable sharing others’ input on Google+.

10 Top Google+ Users Weigh In on the Web’s Newest Social Network.

After reading the story above and/or trying out Google+, what are your opinions about the newest addition to the social media world?

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