My New Fitness/Diet Coach = My Smartphone!



Like many other people out there in the blogging world, I would love to have the time, patience, determination or whatever it takes to get in better shape! Oddly enough, a bit of help and inspiration has been found in a very unexpected place … My Android powered HTC Hero Smartphone. 

There are many great apps out there and which one you choose to use is based mainly on personal preference, your goals and how much you want to pay for the app. Lists of some great fitness and nutrition apps can be found at Mashable, LifeScript, GoosPoos, Gadgets DNA and many more!

I experimented with a few apps on my phone and am currently using the Diet and Food Tracker by SparkPeople. I can’t say that this app really works better than any other, but it does provide a few very useful services. The app can be used to track calorie intake, weight changes and exercise. Realizing how long it would take me to walk off that Footlong from Subway or that Blizzard from DQ makes me think twice about eating it. The app also shows visual representations of how many calories you have left to eat each day, which can help deter you from going back for that third slice of pizza. After all, no one wants to eat their way into the “red zone”.

Keep Up With Your Daily Calorie Allowance!

Track Foods As You Eat Them!

Track Your Weight Loss Progress!

Keep Up With Daily Water Consumption!

Set and Meet Fitness Goals!

And Much More!

So, hopefully if you have been trying to lose that stubborn 5 lbs. or like me want to lose a bit more, you will now consider finding a Health and Fitness App for your iPhone, Android or Blackberry to give you that little bit of extra help! If the app by SparkPeople looks like fun to you, you can download it on your Android phone by scanning the QR code below! If you are already using a fitness app or have some apps to suggest, we would love to hear about them in the comments box below!

Have a Happy, Healthy Week!



8 thoughts on “My New Fitness/Diet Coach = My Smartphone!

  1. Great info…I was really active at a couple of years ago, so I’m already familiar with their trackers…this sounds like the perfect app for me…and another reason to get back to sparking daily!!

  2. Just wanted to share this app with my readers once again. I’ve loved using it, saves me a lot of time since I can update all my trackers on my breaks at work!!

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