Mashable Monday: Did you “follow” irene?


So, with lots of news this weekend, it was hard to pick a top Mashable story. There was of course the MTV  Video Music Awards which spawned record breaking tweeting about Beyonce’s Baby News and showed us Lady Gaga being… well … Gaga! Rebecca Black took down her Friday video. An NFL Team replaced their playbooks with iPads. Grey’s Anatomy gets Shazamable and on and on and on … 

Mashable also featured quite a few stories on the weather tracking, Crowdsourcing, app usage, damage and injuries surrounding Hurricane Irene. The story that most caught my attention, however, was this one about how 11,000+ people took following Hurricane Irene quite literally. The Twitter account was called simply “irene” and stated the location as “Moving up the Eastern Seaboard”. The hurricane’s account bio reads simply, “I don’t want to hurt anyone.” The account tweeted valuable updates about the storm, as well as some funny replies to others’ comments.

So, now that Irene has fizzled the owner of the account will most likely go back to their original Twitter handle. Yet, it was fun (and beneficial) while it lasted!

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