Wacky Wednesday: TMI about my TMJ! (a.k.a. I think I popped my jaw out!)


I have an 8 a.m. class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. I don’t just have to attend, I have to be there on time ready to teach students about public speaking. Each morning I have a long (at least 45 minute) argument with myself about how I really need to wake up already. Then, I get up and hop in a warm shower to wash my hair before getting dressed and heading off to class. This morning as I was rinsing the conditioner (the amazing purple bottle kind of Herbal Essences) out of my hair, I caught myself yawning. POP! My always annoying jaws popped much louder than usual. After I got to school and realized that they were still hurting, I realized that I apparently must have popped my right mandible out of socket in my Temporomandibular Joint. Either that is what happened or it has always been out of socket and I popped it back in. Regardless, my right bone is in or out and my left is the opposite. Now, I feel like my jaw is crooked! Thanks to my WebMD app, however,  I realized that, short of wiring my jaw shut for weeks or getting surgery, there isn’t really anything a doctor could do. Wow! A few minutes on my smartphone saved me a trip to the dentist! So, it’s off to the house for some Aleve and a good movie . . . maybe, re-watching the XMen series?

Have a great week!



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