Friday Fives: 5 Things I loved about the fair!


Today has been a odd, awesome, fun and amazing day, which was rounded out perfectly by a trip to the Tennessee Valley Fair! To sum up the great time my friends and I had at the fair, here are my friday fives.

5. I LOVE to see the Ferris Wheel lights. I don’t ride the Ferris wheel without my Dad, because I’m scared of heights, but I love to see the pretty lights from all the rides!

4.I was surrounded by fried food! Who doesn’t love funnel cakes, fried bananas, fried oreos, or  fried banana pudding?  If you can make it, Southern people will fry it!

3.I got to people watch, and had lots of interesting subjects! Have you seen what people wear out in public these days? Sometimes its really cute stuff. Often, however, it can also be a case study in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of clothing! Yikes!

2. I got to spend time with my friends at the fair! I love getting to go to the fair with my roommates, Mallory and Angie. It will be very, very sad when we move away and cannot go together next year!

And …. ***Drumroll Please***

1. I shook hands with Wayna Morris at the Boyz II Men concert!

Yes, that is what I said. Everyone was leaving after the show and the Boyz II Men guys were shaking hands with people in front of the stage. My friends and I took the opportunity to rush down to the stage. The guys were shaking the last few hands and were about to leave the stage. I was rushing towards the stage, but was thinking “I’m not going to make it”. Then, unbelievably, Mr. Morris looked out, saw me coming and WAITED to shake my hand. Yes, it was only a fraction of a second probably, but his kind gesture meant a great memory that I will have for a lifetime. So, thanks Mr. Morris for waiting on me! 

For some other quick videos from the event, click here (or here or here)! Sorry they’re not very high quality videos! I was too excited to hold the camera still and people kept screaming! 😉

All-in-all, today was an amazing day! Hopefully, everyone will have a great week and the Tennessee Volunteers will beat the Florida Gators!

Happy Weekend!