There’s a new BOGO in town!


So, everyone knows about TOMS and my obsession with their One-for-One giving model. (By the way, they even trademarked the One for One phrase!) I love their product, their passion and the people who are part of the TOMS movement.

But, its time for TOMS to welcome some new competitors into the arena!

Awesome websites such as ShopWithMeaning and GivingBrands are developing a database of cool brands that are also operating on the principle of giving something every time you make a purchase. This new idea of “Buy One, Give One” is taking over the retail world that used to only understand the language (and the concept) of “Buy One, Get One”. The idea of socially responsible consumerism seems to be guided by the wisdom of Winston Churchill:

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
The idea has spawned a wave of companies large and small that are taking on the BOGO principle and incorporating it into their business. As a social media intern for Waveborn, I have been looking into other BOGO products and companies. (Scoping out the competition is very important, of course!) I have found that the variety of products – and the variety of companies selling those products – is growing very rapidly. If there’s not a BOGO company for a product you feel would be helpful now, there probably will be by the end of the year! This movement is spreading like wildfire in the retail world as people learn to fit the idea of social responsibility into their daily habits . . . Consider it the recycling of retail.
This movement also seems to be an interesting twist on “for us by us”. These companies are primarly targeted toward Millennial Generation consumers, and oddly enough are most often led by people of this same generation. Social Responsibility creeps into the actions of Millennials in all sorts of places: what clothes they buy, what jobs they apply for, what causes they give to and even what political candidates they support.
So, next time you go to buy a product, look around and see if some of these crafty Millennials have started a BOGO company for it. If not, you could always start one yourself!
Have a happy, socially responsible week!
Today’s Question: If you were given $1 million to start a BOGO company, what would you sell and what would you give? (Please post your ideas below!)