Devon’s Christmas Wish



Every year since I was a little girl, I have pulled out the JCPenney and Sears Christmas Catalogs and made a Christmas wish list. When I was seven years old, I wished for new Barbie dolls, a bicycle and an Easy Bake Oven. I didn’t consider myself a selfish person, because I shared my toys, held the door for older people and helped my mom around the house. As I grew up, I still thought I was trying to do the best I could to help others. I donated what I could, volunteered when I had a chance and encouraged friends and family to help support my favorites non-profits. And, then I met Devon…sort of….

I first heard of Devon Haas last year, when she decided to donate her tooth fairy money to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Ian recently recounted the event during an exclusive interview with Ecorazzi:

A year ago, there was a six-year-old girl named Devon Haas who contacted ISF because she wanted to send her tooth fairy money to us because she wanted to change the world. It blew our mind. She said that she wanted to change the world, but she knew that she didn’t have a voice. And the executive director of ISF called me and said, “We have to give this girl a voice.” I literally was almost misty-eyed thinking about it. This girl is now seven-years-old, she has 5000 or 6000 followers on Twitter and she is in this documentary called Kids of the Gulf, about the kids in the Gulf that were affected, and how they were affected and, by virtue of the fact that they have no voice, they kind of were never heard. Having a voice is pointless if it’s not heard.

Actually, Devon now has 6,434 followers who are devoted to helping her change the world! Whether she is fighting seal slaughter or creating awareness about the Gulf disaster, Devon expertly wields her little voice and heartfelt tweets to bring about change! I had signed a few petitions at Devon’s tweeted requests and had read some of her cute tweets to @IanSomerhalder about how she and the Kids Army were all over helping stop some atrocious disaster or another. I recently donated to help Devon with an awesome documentary movie project called Kids of The Gulf. In Kids of the Gulf, Devon and other young people like her hope to raise awareness about consequences of the Gulf Oil Spill and how it affected the lives of children involved.

Most recently, however, Devon has stolen my attention with her campaign to stop bullying and her precious Christmas Wish. This adorable little woman wants — not a new Nintendo DS or a new Go Go Pet like most little girls her age. Instead her Christmas Wish is to have 1 million people take an online pledge that they will not engage in bullying! The pledges are a part of the Stand Together campaign sponsored by ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition  and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in conjunction with a special episode of the Extreme Makeover show in which Sirdeaner Walker tells a personal story about how her son committed suicide after being bullied–he was only a few years older than Devon.

While Devon has a big heart anyway, this cause is personal . . .

Devon has taken on bullying as a needless evil that has to be stopped now, and this campaign gives her a good way to encourage other to show their support! The campaign is designed to allow for a large number of participants to know that they are a special part–each participant gets a unique participation number! Devon, with her creativeness, encouraged her followers to sign the pledge and tweet her their number. Devon signed the pledge and shared her number on Twitter–

While other factors were also helping increase the number, Devon’s followers have taken her suggestion seriously and signed the pledge. It seems that hundreds of people have signed the pledge and sent Devon their numbers. The total of pledges for the campaign now sits at:


With only 20 days left until Christmas, we need 909,915 more signatures to make Devon’s wish come true and help put a stop to needless, harmful bullying. Watch Devon’s video below to learn more about what she calls Bullycide, then click here or click the Devon’s Wish logo at the top of the page to go sign the pledge! Thanks for helping Devon’s wish come true!