Go Walk America: My 1,000 mile and $1,000 Challenge


What is Go Walk America?

Everyone has that friend who not only inspires you to do great things, but also goes out and does great things themselves. They put aside their own personal well-being to dedicate their time and energy to help others. For me, Barrett Keene is that kind of friend. He is a Ph. D. student at Cornell University and found a way to integrate his graduate research into an amazing cross-country awareness and fundraising campaign to help others!

Barrett has dedicated 2012 to walk across America–3,488 miles between Miami and San Francisco–to help raise awareness about the harsh realities that millions of orphans in America and other countries face on a daily basis.

You can find out more about Barrett’s progress and his specific route by visiting the Go Walk America blog.

Photo courtesy of Go Walk America & LegacyChamp

What is the Global Orphan Project?

Barrett will be partnering with GO Threads, an initiative of The Global Orphan Project (GO Project), to lead individuals and organizations to sponsor 25,000 school uniforms ($20 each) for orphans and other children living in rags. Without proper clothing, children are not allowed to attend school. Therefore, they are unable to get an education and better themselves. GO Threads has created a system which allows for local citizens to gain employment in GO Threads sewing centers, which not only provides uniforms for children, but also improves the local economy.  Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation will help create uniforms, jobs and a better economy! Consider it a Three for One deal!

How You Can Help!

For Barrett, his “walk” is literally walking 20 miles a day, everyday, until he reaches the Pacific Coast. Since I am in graduate school full-time in Tennessee, I won’t be able to go walk to California. Instead, I have pledged to walk 1,000 miles and raise at least $1,000 by December 2012. 

You can help me by:

1) Donating $20 to sponsor a child’s uniform (Donate here),

2) Pledging a certain amount per mile that I walk (Make your pledge here),

3) Joining the LegacyChamp 350,000 Mile Challenge (Read more here),


4) Encouraging friends to walk, donate or pledge to donate later!

Regardless of how you choose to help, you will be increasing awareness and providing vital resources to help the Global Orphan Project and the GO Threads Initiative to improve the lives of orphans worldwide!

Thanks for all you do to help!


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