Are you being an AgVocate??? If not, you should!


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My apologies for failing to deliver on the Ag Week blog series I promised. I’ve been extremely busy the last few weeks putting the final touches on my Master’s thesis. Also, for various reasons, most of the people who were lined up to write posts were unable to do so. Thankfully, however, others are doing a much better job of getting the word out about agriculture. For example, listed below are some awesome resources for learning more about AgVocacy and the social media campaigns being launched by several ambitious young people to help increase agricultural literacy and decrease misinformation about agriculture.


AgChat Foundation: Empowering a Connected Community of Agvocates


Keeping it Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl


“NEW I Love Farmers They Feed My Soul”


I Thought I Wanted To Be An Agtivist…I Was Wrong


This week, many of my friends have also been sharing the video below. I can say for truth that it is a wonderful example of how youth today are working to show the importance of American agriculture through utilizing great skills they have learned about marketing and public relations. Please take time to watch!



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  1. So glad you saw this. Jasmine (girl in the video), myself & 4 others have headed up our “Farmers Fight” campaign here at A&M. Today was AMAZING. We hope that the video does go viral & that everyone will share their story. Thanks for the post!

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