Catch the Wave and Help Give the Gift of Sight!

My favorite shades EVER!

My favorite shades EVER!

A few years ago, I took an assignment as an unpaid intern for a virtually unknown company called Waveborn (At least it was virtually unknown in rural Georgia where I am from…). This company had the brilliant idea to sell high-quality Italian made sunglasses (a.k.a. shades) on the same “buy one, give one” model used by TOMS Shoes, Warby Parker and other social good companies. The shades are well-designed, comfortable and stylish. Not only do they look great on me, they are also my 70-something year old grandfather’s favorite accessory. He never heads to the lake fishing without them!

Fishing at the Lake

Fishing at the Lake

In the last year, the ever-enthusiastic marketing genious Mike Malloy has helped Waveborn founder and CEO Jonathan Schilit turn a small idea into a fascinating brand with a culture all its own. Mike, Jonathan and the rest of the Waveborn Team have found every creative way possible to utilize social media to share their brand and create awareness. They have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (That was originally my idea!). There is even a Waveborn Wiki page! And, the promotional photos and marketing materials look FANTASTIC!!!!

Sample of  a Waveborn marketing poster

Sample of a Waveborn marketing poster

After months of research and development, Jonathan, Mike and the rest of the fabulous Waveborn team, are excited to announce their first ever crowd-funding campaign. By donating to the campaign, supporters help give the gift of sight to people across the world. They also get some pretty sweet Waveborn gear as a reward for their generosity. In less than a day, the Waveborn- Shades That Give Sight campaign has almost half-way reached the $10,00 goal; however, I would love to see that goal reached way before the campaign officially ends in June. So, I helped out as much as I could with a $50 donation.  What could you give to help?

In case you aren’t interested in shades (But, let’s be honest, everyone loves a good accessory!), you can at least benefit from learning how easy it can be to fundraise for a cause or project if you truly put your heart into it. Hundreds of organizations and individuals have raised thousands of dollars through crowd-funding site Indiegogo and other similar platforms. The first Indiegogo campaign I had ever seen was introduced to me by a 7-year-old girl. The amazing Devon Haas wanted me to donate to Kids of The Gulf, which I gladly did.

The moral of the story is this: Crowd-funding is a great idea, but it only works if people donate! So, go visit the Waveborn campaign site hereand consider helping support this great company as they seek to give the gift of sight!

Buy some shades, give some glasses