Seven Steps to Making 2014 A Year To Remember


2013 was by far one of the strangest year’s so far. I was, however, able to check quite a few things off my “bucket list”. I bought my first car, got my dream job, attended my first ever bachelorette party, went in a roadtrip, and so many more things that I never knew I was missing out on. This year, I’m skipping the crazily, epic New Year’s Resolution (I.e. Lose 30 lbs, Run a marathon, write a novel, etc). Instead, I thought up the few things I want to try to do a better job of in the coming year…

So, without further ado…
1. STRESS LESS- There’s a reasonable amount of stress that naturally comes with life. All that other junk I stress about? I just need to let it go…

2. RUN MORE- It’s a proven fact that the best way for me to handle stress is by running. I need to get back into the habit like I was (sort of) in graduate school. Whether it’s a treadmill at home, running outside or just signing up and doing the local 5K, I need to run more.

3. LAUGH MORE OFTEN- I need to work at being around people and doing things that genuinely make me happy and make me laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

4. SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS- I have these amazing friends that I never get to see. This must be remedied. In 2014, I will make time to visit them at their homes-near and far.

5. LISTEN TO ADULTS- It’s okay to ask for advice and seek wisdom from those who have been around longer and already know the ropes. I forget this sometimes and always wish I hadn’t.

6. DO THE THINGS I LOVE- While this seems dumb, it’s very easy in this busy world to not make time to do the things you love. This year, I need to find time and find ways to do more of the things I love. Riding horses, going ice skating, movie time with the family–It’s not rocket science, but it’s worth scheduling into my busy life.

7. BE MORE DOMESTIC- This isn’t a want, but instead a need. Sometimes it’s easy to shove aside things you don’t want to do. Other times it’s hard to do things that take lots of planning. Either way, I need to get back in touch with the housewife, mother wanna-be inside. In 2014, I need to buy groceries, keep the house clean and cook more.

While there are lots of other things, these are the key ones. I won’t keep them all, but at least it gives me a good goal or two! And if I keep most of them, 2014 will definitely be a year to remember for decades!

(Feel free to share your New Year’s Resolutions in the comment box!)