QR Codes Get Fashionable


Let me start by saying that I’m usually not a fashion magazine reader, because I rarely have the time. A few months ago, I got an email with a free $10 credit from MagazineLine. After browsing around the site a bit, I found that I could get a year of Elle and Allure for just $5 in addition to the coupon. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good deal!

When my magazines came this month, my roommate beat me to reading them. She’s been listening to me for the last several months chattering away about social media and QR codes, so she recognized that there were more than usual in this month’s magazines. I went through the magazine and used my QR code reader, mobiScan QR, to read the codes. We found a wide range of ways that the codes were used, and I thought it would be fun to share! You will notice that some of the advertisements use Microsoft’s tag instead of typical QR codes. These rectangular, colorful codes work much the same as any other QR code, except they require the Microsoft tag reader to open them.

Here are the fashionable advertisements and the content that they shared via QR code or Tag:


Elle, June 2011, pg. 34-35

 The QR code for this super bright Sephora advertisement redirects to a YouTube video (below) about the product’s summer trends! 

Allure, June 2011, pg. 46-47

 The QR code for this golden Sephora advertisement redirects to a similar trend report video about Luminous Golds. I love the dynamic media used by their QR campaign and look forward to great things from it in the future. The company even created a QR code for it’s Make Up For Ever collection (see advertisement below). The QR code redirects to www.hd-not-retouched.com .

Allure, June 2011, pg. 71


Elle, June 2011, pg. 181

Allure, June 2011, pg. 51

The Microsoft Tags for these Garnier advertisements redirect to a cool how to video for the Creme Color and the Blow Dry Protector!

John Freida

Allure, June 2011, pg. 66-67

This John Freida advertisement (above) has a QR code that redirects readers to a how to video showing viewers how to best use the foam color!

And Many More . . . 

To see the QR links for the advertisements, simply click on the advertisement. Keep in mind that these links are optimized for mobile, so they may not show up as well on your computer screen. I hope you have enjoyed this quick look at how many fashionable brands and companies are using QR codes to reach their customers. You will notice that some of the more interesting campaigns aren’t so much selling the product as they are trying to offer assistance with the product or with how to select a product if you are in the market for one. I think that QR codes are a very interesting way to add content to print advertisements . . . What do you think????