Mashable Monday: 53,457,258,000 minutes of Facebook


53,457,258,000 minutes of Facebook . . . Such a startling number it is, but a recent study showed that Americans now spend 23% of their online time visiting social network sites. 

These numbers of course draw the questions, “Who is spending all this time online?” and “How are we taking advantage of this information?”. Well, those questions are already being answered by researchers and marketers alike. The Nielsen study showed some interesting insights about the online user landscape (see chart below) which we can combine with other great information already available via the Pew Internet and American Life Project

As far as how we will utilize this knowledge for marketing, PR, advertising, and so on, there are a multitude of ways including:

1. Crowd-sourcing fashion shows

2. Promoting new TV shows directly to their top viewing audience

3. Finally making people pay for their news (Or not…)

4. Targeting special niche audiences to support causes

and, last but not least . . . 

5. Saving the planet! Captain Planet style, of course! 😉

Overall, it looks like social media is here to stay and it is up to us to decide how we want to use it. Good luck figuring out which of the many outlets to use and how to use them, and make sure you don’t get confused by Google’s name changes on products!


p.s. Consider the story links your Friday Fives for last week since I didn’t get one posted! 🙂


Stuck Like Glue on GetGlue!



A few months ago in a blog post, I first mentioned a new check-in application called GetGlue. By the time I blogged about it again a bit later, I was becoming obsessed.  Now, I’m a frequent GetGlue user. I find it very cool to be able to share quickly to Facebook and Twitter as well as my friends on GetGlue. I also love that they actually send you your stickers!!! I got my first stickers in the mail this week (see below).



Everyone who’s anyone is talking about the new application or at least some cool people are talking, including PopWatch Inc. , ReadWriteWebAdWeek , Reuters , Forbes , Social Times , Ogilvy Public Relations , ClickZ and many more sites (click links to read stories). They gained a major milestone earlier this year by reaching 1 million registered users!  See their success graphically represented by the GetGlue infographic below!



We can see that this application is beginning to gain a notable following, but what are we expecting from them in the future?  Well, they are beginning to add value and interactivity to their check-ins by working with sponsors to give away concert tickets, pairing with nonprofits, sharing user photos and many other creative tactics. This has greatly helped them to increase user numbers in the past few months, according to their GetGlue blog and the chart below.



We can also see that there is a strong correlation between the highest grossing box office hits and the movies people are checking in to in theaters(see first chart below). Keep in mind that correlation does not imply cause-and-effect; however, it does show that the people who are actively checking in are many of the same people who are avid movie attendees. Based on this data, we can begin to analyze what movies people are enjoying and what movies don’t go over as well as expected as GetGlue begins to analyze the data they gain (see second chart below).



So, as I said months ago, you should GetGlue! . . . If you haven’t already, of course.  😉 If you’re not familiar with the application by now, watch the video review below for more information! Happy Check-ins!


Checking-In (part 2): So Many Sites, So Little Time


One of the things I learned quickly while trying to research geolocation and check-in applications is that there are way too many of them to keep track of easily. I am by nature an experiential learner and learn best by actually doing things and trying out new technologies for myself. I downloaded the first couple of applications I found out about- CauseWorld and Foursquare- and enjoyed checking-in at various locations. After adding GetGlue and ShopKick and completely depleting the storage space and battery power of my phone trying to download Foodspotting, Gowalla, and others, I realized there was no way anyone could have a presence on all of these applications, So, I came up with a plan. (For me, at least.) There is really only the need to have 2-3 applications to effectively participate in the check-in trend that is taking place. Here is what I suggest as a way to limit the applications you use.

1. Choose one basic application for geolocation

Choices in this category would be applications such as Foursquare, Gowalla or BrightKite. They will allow you to check-in to your location and learn more about your town, while maybe even getting some sweet deals from local businesses.

My Choice: Foursquare

Reasons: It is simple to use and actually is being used by several businesses in Knoxville to offer deals. I like being able to get a free drink at Hard Knox Pizza (every check-in), a free milkshake at Chick-fil-a (with 3 check-ins) or 20% off at Sweet CeCe’s (for the Mayor). Foursquare also recently unveiled new business analytics pages for it’s service.

2. Choose one gaming application

Choices in this category could include Geocaching, SCVNGR, Tourality, and others

My Choice: SCVNGR

Reasons: Although I haven’t been able to use it yet, I became interested in SCVNGR because it is used by Buffalo Wild Wings here in Knoxville. I am a competitive person by nature and love the idea of getting to complete challenges while waiting for my food.

3. Pick a wild card

Everyone has different tastes, preferences, etc. This applies to social media just as it would any other aspect of your life. For your optional third application, I strongly suggest you choose an application that appeals to your personal interests and hobbies. If you are crazy about food, you might try Foodspotting. Often accused of being a shopaholic? Then you should try out ShopKick for great deals delivered to you as you walk in the door of you favorite stores. There are many other applications out there, and I’m sure you can find one you will love.

My Choice: GetGlue

Reasons: I am a total entertainment addict. I love interacting with other fans about books, movies, music, and celebrities. I also enjoy earning new badges for check-in at box office openings and events such as the Oscars.

Overall, I think one of the most important things is to remember to post responsibly to any of these sites you choose to use. I would strongly suggest that you do not share your personal information (i.e. phone number, date of birth, etc.) with these applications because we know that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE can see what you are posting. If you can narrow down your applications and post responsible, you will have a long happy relationship with checking-in. To find our more about the wide array of applications and their uses in the professional world check out the short video below.