Mashable Monday: Is that really [insert celebrity here] on Google+?


With lots of discussion early on about top Google+ users and their identities, Google+ has seen a need to create it’s own Twitter-like Verification Program to help ensure users that Mark Zuckerberg is indeed the real Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), that Tom Anderson is really the Tom Anderson (creator of Myspace), and that Ashton Kutcher and Alyssa Milano are ready to battle it out for Google+. The new verification essentially fulfills the same purpose as Twitter’s verification system by separating the real celebrities, politicians and famous folks from the posers who registered with celebrity names.

The Google+ Real Name Policy makes is especially interesting, however, because users can possibly be kicked off of Google+ for failing to follow the name usage guidelines. The guidelines even specifically address the problem of using someone else’s name as your own:

Don’t use the name of another individual.
Impersonation is a serious issue. Pretending to be someone else could cause your profile to be deleted. If someone is pretending to be you, go to their profile and click Report this profile. ~ Source

Obviously, this makes faking a celebrity identity a risky venture, as one guy found out:

Messing around with a pseudonym – or trying to convince users that you, a 23-year-old dude from New Jersey is actually Dolly Parton – will give you a four-day countdown to expulsion from the service, should Google notice. ~ PC Mag

So, if you’re registered as Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus  or Justin Beiber but can’t prove your identity . . . Change your name!

Looking for some verified celebs to follow? Check out the list posted here.

And finally, if you’re not on Google+ . . . You should be! 🙂

Have a great week!