Wacky Wednesday: People Pin Puppies on Pinterest


Ok, so I don’t mean that they literally pin them with clothes pins on Pinterest. Instead, people are using this new social media site to categorize and collect images, blog posts, how-to ideas and many other things from around the web by “pinning” them to digital bulletin boards.  These boards allow you to gather your ideas, and then your friends can follow the board to get updates when you add new stuff! The boards are not set-in-stone categories, but instead you can create boards for whatever you want. For a single, 22-year-old girl who has been planning her wedding to an unknown Prince Charming since the age of two, this means a future wedding ideas board! My extreme love of shoes also inspired its own board . . . Regardless of your interests–wedding planning, shoes, soul food, crafts or puppies— you can pin them on Pinterest! To sign up for an account, visit the invite website here and enter your email address. After a few days to a week, you should receive an invite to join. Just try not to spend all week and weekend on the site. It can be addictive!

Happy Pinning,