Ivylish: The “Ivy League” of Stylish Jewelry


Stylish has a new name–Ivylish. Fashionistas everywhere should take note of this new socially conscious jewelry retailer. Check out their introductory video . . .

Hand-Crafted Jewelry At A Beautiful Price

Ivylish is launching its company with a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo. During the introductory campaign, interested fashion-savvy consumers can purchase jewelry from the four introductory collections at a delightfully discounted price. Information about the introductory collections is available here at their Indiegogo campaign page. The company’s first collection embraces the Vietnamese heritage, beginning with the holy animals (turtle, phoenix and dragon) and national flower (pink lotus)as the main themes, and ending with the usage of water buffalo horns as the exclusive material and traditional lacquering for the final touch.

The Horns Of The Water Buffalo

Ivylish’s line of fine jewelry is delicately hand-crafted in Vietnam from the horns of the water buffalo. While the limited remaining herds of wild water buffalo are on the endangered species list, these animals are not the source of bone and horns for Ivylish. Instead, horns are obtained from domesticated water buffalo which are abundant. According to the National Geographic website, domesticated water buffalo have been an integral part of Asian culture for over 5000 years. Domesticated water buffalo provide meat, horns, hides, milk, butterfat for villages in Asia. They are also an important source of power, being used for plowing and transporting people and crops. These water buffalo are not killed so that we can have jewelry–instead buffalo horns are a by-product of the natural use of water buffalo herds in these countries. So, in other words, those who make bone and horn jewelry are simply using something that would be thrown away to craft something beautiful.

Ivylish Supports Teach Me To Fish

Each purchase from Ivylish can provide a Vietnemese child with chance for a better life. Founded by Phuong Nguyen and Kevin Tung Nguyen, Ivylish works with Kids Without Borders to provide English lessons, computer classrooms and college scholarships for children living in Vietnamese orphanages. They also help offer proper vocational training for older children who are exiting the care institutions. An old Chinese proverb once said, “Give a man to fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime”. That is the idea behind Kids Without Borders’ Teach Me To Fish program which helps provide Vietnamese orphans with life skills that will help provide them with career skills to become self-sustainable adults.

Help Ivylish Shine Lives

Those who are interested in finding out how to help Ivylish “Shine Lives” can find out more by connecting with their team on one of the social sites below.

Indiegogo Campaign: http://igg.me/at/ivylish/x/3098253

Website: http://www.ivylish.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivylishusa

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ivylishusa

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ivylishusa/




Mashable Monday: There’s a disturbance in the Force . . .


A long time ago,

in a galaxy far, far away . . .

There was a man named George Lucas.

He created a series we all know as Star Wars. The series was filmed originally in the late 1970’s and consisted of 3 films. Then, in 1999, Lucas began creating a second set of films as a prequel trilogy to the “original” series. People were leery of it, but in the end Lucas won them over with the help of a great cast and some awesome special effects. So, everyone was satisfied for a while.

Now, however, there is a disturbance in the force as fans protest the changes that Lucas made to the original films for the recent Blu-ray release of the 6-part series. The new Blu-ray disc set (available here) should have been a great update, but Lucas’ decision to make changes and additions to the original films has many fans in a tizzy.

According to a CBS News story, the most protested change to the films is adding a “Noooo!” to Darth Vader’s lines at a pivotal moment in the story. (Read full story here) The addition is argued by die-hard fans to have changed the story as a whole, but fans will probably still buy the film. The change has, however, spawned quite a few funny parodies like the ones discussed in this article and the one shown below.

This bit of discord on the part of fans has not, however, put a damper on the marketing power of the franchise. [Remember this little guy?] Verizon has made a point of acknowledging their connection to the franchise with a special promotion (see photo below). In case you didn’t make the connection yourself, Droid is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. [You might remember their special R2-D2 phone a while back.]

Perhaps the most interesting result of the release, however, is not the fan response or the Verizon connection. Instead, what caught the interest of Mashable (and therefore where this blog post idea began) was that the release is franchise theme is being used for a campaign for charity. The Force for Good article in Mashable noted how comedic celebrities were teaming up to help promote Stand Up 2 Cancer in Star Wars themed events and promotions. The campaign is kicking off in style with a fun 3-minute video on YouTube (see below) and will be followed by other Star Wars events and activities involving eBay and Major League Baseball Clubs (Read more on the SU2C blog).

So, go out, buy the Blu-ray version and tell us what you think about it! Most of all, however, “Use the Force for Good!”

May the Force be with you!


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ShopKick combines Geolocation, Advertising & Social Good


As you may know, I have a very string interest in supporting social causes. One way in which I like to do this is through the social cause geolocation application Causeworld. I was horribly saddened last week to log in and find out that the application is being fazed out. Never fear, however, because the owners of Causeworld have created what they believe will be a better more efficient application known as ShopKick. While your credits (i.e. Karma) don’t transfer over, you still have the chance to donate any final karma points you have to one your favorite causes. So, donate your final karmas and switch out the old app for the new ShopKick app, which is available for Android and many other platforms. You can see how the new application works in the video below.

Still skeptical about whether these apps are actually beneficial? Then, you should read the inspirational story of how funds raised by ShopKick/Causeworld helped out the American Humane Society to save dogs in a town only an hour from where I was raised in Georgia. Or, see the adorable students who got new laptops with funds from Causeworld karmas donated by users like me (and maybe you too!). I can’t explain to you the technicalities of how it works, but your Causeworld check-ins definetely helped out a great many people!

ShopKick also has the potential to beneficially affect people through check-ins, credits and donations. There’s a bit of a twist to this application though that wasn’t a primary component of Causeworld. ShopKick is an early attempt to use geolocation apps as on on-location marketing and advertising tool. The app is designed to recognize when you are near stores or when you enter shopping locations and deliver personalized deals and coupons for that store. Some of the big names who are collaborating with the application are Best Buy and Target.

This approach seems to be working according to a Mashable report that the six month old application has seen over 100 million check-ins. A story in Business Insider stated that the new application has 750,000 users, 10% of who check in every day! Mashable ranked ShopKick as one of the top ten apps to watch for 2011. (You may also note that another of my favorites, GetGlue, was even higher up the list at number 3!) The application also made Mashable’s list of 5 check-in apps to check-out. ShopKick seems to be on the forefront of a second generation of check-in applications which I believe will far outshine and outperform the first generation geolocation applications! I look forward to trying out ShopKick myself and to seeing how others adopt this new technology!